9 bilder som bevisar att vattendroppar i sin enkelhet kan bli otroliga konstverk.

    Jag älskar att titta på verk från konstnärer med lite annorlunda färdigheter. Gärna ska det också handla om att sätta små, små detaljer på plats. Så när jag ramlade över konstnären Aravis Dolmenna var det inget undantag. Dolmenna har som specialitet att ge vardagliga saker en lite annorlunda utformning – och har dessutom utvecklat en teknik för att skapa vackra ting av vanliga vattendroppar. Här är 9 Instagram-bilder från Aravis Dolmenna som bevisar hur ömtåligt och vackert ett konstverk kan vara. Jag tycker att det är riktigt häftigt!




#7vignettes want a pool party today, but when I arrived everyone had gone @interiorsaddict @domayne_australia

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Wet leaves #hp_burgundy #ptk_minimal_red_2

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”Cheers” #RU_Water #aravish2o #rebelsunitedoct2015potd #pure_bestphoto

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Stalking the watery beastie

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Number 5 in my coloured eggs series for @mom_hub colour me Mondays ”yellow” #mom_hub630

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BONUS: Aravis Dolmenna är minst lika skicklig med socker…

So here is the spoon I talked about last week, I am not embarrassed by how shonky it looks, I am however, a little embarrassed by how long it took. whilst i was scraping away I was told by more than one person that i could buy one from Tesco for about 50p, so let me try to articulate the reason for wasting so much time that could have been better spent watching telly or staring at my i-phone. Somewhere in the rainforest a nut drops through the canopy and lands in the soft leaf-mould below, time passes and roots reach out, a shoot starts to make its way toward the dappled green sunlight, an so the story begins. A mighty hardwood grows, vines twine around it, animals make their home in it and eventually a man comes and paints a large mark on it. The machines come and with an echoing crash a hundred tons of timber hit the ground. it is sawn and transported, it will become garden furniture, and decking, the narrow strips of waste wood are sent to the quarry where workers nail them together, reinforcing the joints with strips of reclaimed tin, to make rustic packing cases. Beautiful slabs of sandstone are stacked into the cases, and the lids are nailed on, among many, two of these cases spend the next ten weeks on a cargo ship, from India to England. Eventually after sitting in a stone merchants yard for half a year in the English rain, the stone is bought, carefully unpacked at a country farmhouse and skilfully laid, it may lay there for the next hundred years, the cases are taken away and sawn apart, the strips are cut and stacked in the old log store, eventually they will be burned, bringing the heat of the Indian forest to a damp English winter evening. Now that would be the end of the story, except that i want the story to continue with hot soups being stirred and served around that fire, and maybe, next autumn with the wood being dyed purple, as i stir a pan of bubbling blackberry jam, so one strip is saved, and the story continues. #bestof2015_nio

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Inspiration: Bored Panda

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