11 väderbilder som påminner oss om hur fantastiskt vacker vår planet är.

Varje år arrangerar ansedda tidningen National Geographic en tävling för amatörfotografer. Här är 11 av de häftigaste bilderna som nominerats till förstapriset, en åtta dagar lång fotoexpedition med National Geographic i Costa Rica och Panama.  


The Rock restaurant just off shore in Zanzibar.  As the sun set, I was taking photos of The Rock before going out there to have dinner.  As the light levels dropped, the light came on in the restaurant and I knew I had my shot.
Foto: Dale Johnson/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.


The late afternoon sun shines down on the Gorner Glacier above the Swiss town of Zermatt. The radiant heat offers enough warmth to let algae grow in the snow and cast a pink hue with their growth. The seasonal weather also causes the ice to crack and melt, which causes rivers and waterfalls to form from the runoff and cascade down the giant rock face of Monte Rosa Massif.
Foto: Derek Gerstmann/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.


While touring the waterways along the Antarctic Peninsula, we saw two Adelie Penguins watching their surroundings from the top of an Iceberg
Foto: David Menaker/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.


Volcan Villarrica, ubicado a mas de 700 Kilometros al sur de Santiago de Chile, este Volcan desde el 03 de Marzo se encuentra en proceso eruptivo. esta fotografia fue tomada el pasado 11 de Mayo en la ciudad de PucÛn.
Foto: Cristobal Escobar/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.


This is taken at the volcanic beach at Stokksnes in south-eastern Iceland in February 2015. I used a 2-second exposure to capture the water trails as the waves receded over rocks at the edge of the beach, just as the sun was setting behind me, illuminating the mighty Vesturhorn mountain and some peaks in the far distance.
Foto: Sophie Carr/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.


I visited Deadvlei in 2008. The personal emotional and spiritual connection I felt with "The Beginning" I know I had to return someday.  That time came in May of 2015.  I knew I had to make a photograph that reflected how I felt during my first visit and on this visit.  I did capture it.  I fell it was not just a sense of place but a sense of time.
Foto: Christopher R Gray/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.


The Moeraki Boulders are unusually large and spherical boulders lying along a stretch of Koekohe Beach. These boulders are grey-colored septarian concretions, which have been exhumed from the mudstone enclosing them and concentrated on the beach by coastal erosion.
Foto: Davide Simiele/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.


I was working at my family farm some 150 km from the Calbuco Volcano when a friend called me and told me what was happening, I took my camera and tripod and drove to Puerto Varas where a quiet chaos was ensuing and decided to keep on driving to darker area. Upon arrival the volcano was quiet again, not even vapour coming out so a little disapointed I went to rest. Two hours later hell broke loose and I could take some of the pictures I was dreaming about ever since Chaiten eruption in 2008.
Foto: Eduardo Minte Hess/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.


On a summer night, in the colonial town of Santa Clara, Cuba, people hurry to get home before the storm.
Foto: Frédéric Elhorga/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.


Sunrise at Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Aerial Image. If you look carefully, you might notice the person enjoying this natural beauty.
Foto: Jassen T/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.


Beautiful tornado tracks in open farm land narrowly missing a home near Simla, Colorado.
Foto: James Smart/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.

Vill du ha fler väderartiklar i ditt flöde så klickar du bara på gilla-knappen nedan.